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Bonnie is a delicate yet stylish option that can be worn virtually anywhere. Lightweight metal and acetate combination frame. Slightly upswept for a subtle cat-eye look and adjustable nose pads for increased comfort and customized fit. Featuring the awe-inspiring artistry of Ojibwe artist Donald Chretien. The Loon clan was given the power of chieftainship, and by working with the crane clan ensured a balanced government. The loon is a great listener and proudly speaks for others.


How the loon got his necklace. 

One day by the shoreline Nana’b’oozoo or Nanabush was making a necklace out of shells. He heard a group of loons singing, at this time loons gathered in groups as do the Canadian geese. He called out to them to come and sing for him, but they were too afraid. Then all of a sudden a little brave loon popped up in front of the shoreline. Nana’b'oozoo asked the little loon”are you not afraid?’ “Nope” said the loon, then began to sing. So Nana’b'oozoo laid the new necklace he had made upon the back of this loon for it’s courage and song. The loon proudly displayed it’s new gift, but the others were jealous and chased after the small loon, but he was too agile. Nana’b'oozoo noticing this, called the loon over once more and as a symbol of courage for standing out from the group, made these markings permanent for him and all his descendants as well. 


 Inspired by Basil Johnston and Charlie Hebert


Available in chic matte black and shiny gold, matte blue and silver and matte purple and silver.

Every pair of optical frames comes with an embossed hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Frame Size: 54-18-145

Construction: Acetate and Metal



    When it comes to crafting your ideal eyewear, our focus is on precision. We exclusively provide prescription lenses after a thorough Styling Session where our qualified Dispensing Optician delves into expert lens recommendations, accurate measurements, and ensures an impeccable fit. These fundamental elements are paramount to not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your glasses but also ensuring optimal comfort and visual clarity.

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