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New Year, New Frames: Unveiling the Hottest Eyewear Trends for 2024!

Happy 2024! It's time to unveil the eyewear trends that are stealing the spotlight this year. Buckle up because we've got a diverse range that's sure to cater to every style palate. Let's dive into the world of eyewear chic!

1. Geometric Marvels: This year, geometric shapes take center stage. Think bold squares and hexagons that scream individuality. Caron Eyewear's You Decide and Divine models perfectly exemplify how geometry meets glamour.

2. Transparent Transcendence: From clear to tinted, transparent frames are making waves. The Arianna model from the Genevieve Paris Collections offers stylish translucency, while Aya Eyewear's Paxton, Jax, and Addison models add a touch of sophistication with beautiful Native artwork on the temples.

3. Eco-Chic Revolution: For those who care about the planet, eco-friendly frames are a must. David Green's Sunray, Baturas, and Salisbury models not only rock bold styles but also use sustainable materials like fallen leaves, tea leaves, reeds, reclaimed wood, and real mother-of-pearl. A true win-win for fashion and the environment. (psst...we are have more earth-friendly lines coming in 2024....stay tuned!)

4. Quiet Luxury: Embrace the minimalist vibes with the Modern Times Collection's Gratitude model. Thin metal, classic shapes, and subtle details make it the epitome of understated elegance. It's the perfect choice for those who believe less is more.

5. Bold Is Beautiful: Chunky frames and bold colors continue to steal hearts. Genevieve Paris' Excellent and David Green's Castello and Ohio models are here to make a statement. Let your frames do the talking with these daring choices.

6. Aviator Renaissance: Aviators are making a comeback with a modern twist! Transparent acetates, punchy colours or refined elements keep you flying high with this timeless classic.

Ready to rock these trends? Let's make it even more exciting with a no-obligation styling appointment! Our personalized styling sessions ensure you find the perfect pair that not only follows the trends but harmonizes with your personality and style. We'll navigate the trends, weed out choices that don't align with your taste, and select frames that go the extra mile – fitting comfortably and looking fantastic. Paired with lenses tailored to your visual needs, frame choice, and budget, it's a styling experience like no other.

Book your no-obligation styling appointment now! Book Appointment

Whether you want us to come to you or prefer to visit our office, the choice is yours. For those outside our area, we've got you covered with virtual appointments. Plus, if you opt for the last option, we'll even arrange to ship a sample box of frames for you to try out – because choosing your perfect frames should be a delightful experience, no matter where you are!

Here's to a year of fabulous frames and impeccable style!



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